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I have tried several devices and exercises over the years to improve my grip and forearm strength. Nothing has worked as well, been as portable, or user-friendly as the Grip Pro Trainer. In fact, only a week after receiving my initial 3-pack I ordered another in the strength I wanted to carry around in my backpack for ad hoc exercising. This is a great product.
Arrived in good shape and on time.The latex odor didn't have any effect on me.
These are great except for one big problem, they have a strong latex odor. I bought the set and all of these have the same issue. They have been out of the bag for over a week and the odor has not decreased. The smell gets on your hands and I noticed it from a few feet away when seated at my desk and the item was on the floor. The scent is not really offensive, but FAR from ok if you're in a professional setting. 5/22/08- After almost 2 months the odor has decreased somewhat. The scent still gets on my hands after use but it is no longer quite the issue from afar that it was.
I found that the standard spring grips you get in sporting goods stores are too easy (I can do about 150 squeezes before getting tired). These grip trainers are pretty comfortable in my hand and the higher resistance is nice. I found the 30 to be easier than spring grips, the 40 was a little harder than spring grips, and the 50 is pretty difficult (I can only squeeze it about 20 times).The only complaint I have is that my 40 ripped after about two days of use. The manufacturer replaced the item for me, but only after I shipped the defective item to them at my expense. If I could start over, I would have just bought two 50s instead of this set.
Grip Pro Trainer Hand Grip Forearm Strength Gripper 30, 40 & 50 lbs FULL SET of all 3 weightsProduct arrived in a timely manner, in excellent condition and operated as advertised.


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