Sr. Websphere/AIX Administrator - Gurnee - Illinois

5 years solid Websphere System Management and Architecture experience
managing 24/7 applications. Websphere certification preferred.
Experience with Websphere 61. ND Maintain Websphere Installations,
modifications, performance management and configuration. Act as code &
build manager for Websphere applications. Investigate & resolve
application hosting issues. Develop application & operational
processes needed to model, integrate, automate & manage efficient,
flexible, business processes. Fluent with AIX, familiar with UNIX,
Linus, Solaris or other UNIX type operating system. Ability to
automate manual procedures utilizing shell scripting. Bachelor's
degree required. May pay for re-location. Highly competitive salary.
For more information contact Barnett Serchuk, Melon Sky, at
516-431-7357 or e-mail: melonskyjobs@