Hi All,

I am trying create a and Initial context under 'JMS Administered objects'' in MQ Explorer. I have installed Apache DS 1.5.4 .

The details used are as follows

Host :
Distinguished Name : o=ibm,c=us
Provider URL : ldap://,c=us

JNDI Service Provider Security : Simple

User DN : uid=admin,ou=system
Password : secret

After doing this and clicking on 'Finish', it says

The Location 'ldap://,c=us' can not be resolved.(AMQ 4426).

I tried to use the same details in a Java program to get the Initial Context ( from a different machine) and I could get the reference to it.

Even I Looged on to the Apache Ds using third party tools using same credentials.

I am unable to figure out what is the problem.

Please help me out.

Thanks and Regards