Hi All,

While going through the MQ series documentation i found three types of Naming and directory service options

1)File Based

Q) Are any other options available?

I am using the trail pack of MQ series 7.0.I used File based .(Server and Accesing program on the same machine).

Q)Is it possible to use the file based setup to access queue from a different machine?If so what need to be the Context factory and URL?

Q) I am trying to configure JMSAdmin for LDAP configuration.I was getting communication failure exception.Is any LDAP server comes bundles with MQ series 7.0?

Q)Is LDAP based one is the only way for a client from a different machine to acess naming and directory service on server?

Please suggets me the right approach to connect to the MQ series Queue from a Remote machine

Thanks and Regards