Im runnig WAS61 ND and trying to use AdminControl to run the uploadFile mbean to copy files about the cell at install time.
I think I have it but am running into problems anyone any idea?
The steps I run and the errors are below

set wbe [ $AdminControl queryMBeans WebSphere:*,node=frcbldrh03_1,type=FileTransferCli ent ]

set source [java::new {[]} 1]
$source set 0 [java::new /etc/hosts]
set dest [java::new {java.lang.String[]} 1]
$dest set 0 [java::new java.lang.String /tmp]

$AdminControl invoke_jmx $wbe uploadFile $source $dest

WASX7015E: Exception running command: "$AdminControl invoke_jmx $myID uploadFile $source $dest"; exception information: error while eval'ing Jacl expression:
"WebSphere:name=FileTransferClient,process=nodeagen t,platform=common,node=frcbldrh03_1,version=6.1.0. 23,type=FileTransferClient,mbeanIdentifier=FileTra nsferClient,cell=ppecell074,spec=1.0" is not an object handle of class ""
while executing
"$AdminControl invoke_jmx $myID uploadFile $source $dest"