Hi Experts,

I have two login pages for an application say "Test" deployed in Websphere5.0. The login pages are for two different modules. One login.jsp is placed in the "Test.war/" directory and the second login.jsp is placed under "Test.war/aaa/". The two login pages should be accessed directly using the URL http://myapp.com/Test/login.jsp and http://myapp.com/Test/aaa/login.jsp respectively.

The same application is deployed in 3 different servers. In the first two instances I' am able to access the two login pages, but on the third instance when I try to access the jsp which is in "Test.war/aaa/", it redirects me to the first jsp. When I try to login to application using the first jsp (which is in "Test.war/"), I' am able access the second module using the direct URL.

Please help me understand why is this happening only in the 3rd server and works fine in other two servers. And why in the third server it allows me to access the second module only after logging in using the first module login page.

Thanks in advance