Ich have defined an EJB with the following annotation

@EJB(name = "SystemManagement", beanInterface = SystemManagementLocal.class, beanName = "SystemManagementBean")
public class SystemManagementBean implements SystemManagementLocal {

The interface is defined as follows :

public interface SystemManagementLocal {

I'm calling the interface in a servlet as follows

private SystemManagementLocal sysManagement;

Evrything is in the same EAR. When deploying I get the following messages/errors :

16:56:49:532 CEST] 0000001f EJBContainerI I CNTR0167I: Der Server bindet die Schnittstelle iaas.swom.admin.systemmanagement.SystemManagementL ocal der Enterprise-Bean SystemManagementBean im Modul Administration.jar der Anwendung SWoMV1. Bindungsposition: ejblocal:SWoMV1/Administration.jar/SystemManagementBean#iaas.swom.admin.systemmanagem ent.SystemManagementLocal
(this message comes identically twice)

[15.07.09 16:57:01:259 CEST] 00000022 EJBInjectionB E CWNEN0030E: Beim Abrufen der Objektinstanz des Bindungsobjekts Reference:iaas.swom.admin.systemmanagement.SystemM anagementLocal ist bei der Factory com.ibm.ws.ejbcontainer.injection.factory.EJBLinkO bjectFactory ein Fehler aufgetreten.
[15.07.09 16:57:01:262 CEST] 00000022 annotation E com.ibm.ws.webcontainer.annotation.WASAnnotationHe lper inject exception while injecting resource
com.ibm.wsspi.injectionengine.InjectionException: The com.ibm.ws.ejbcontainer.injection.factory.EJBLinkO bjectFactory factory encountered a problem getting the object instance for the Reference:iaas.swom.admin.systemmanagement.SystemM anagementLocal binding object.

Sorry for the German output; however I suspect that it will be understood anyhow..

I'm running WAS 7.0.3 and using RAD V 7.5.3..

I appreciate any help..