Im trying to create a Datasource in a node in WAS 7.0 ND.

I create de J2C alias and them create the variables of

Then i procede to create de JDBC but when i try to test the connection
it says the following

The test connection operation failed for data source Aprende on server
nodeagent at node wpnode1 with the following exception:
java.sql.SQLException: null userid not supportedDSRA0010E: SQL State =
null, Error Code = -99,999. View JVM logs for further details.

I review the configuration of the JDBC

And its the Following

Name: Aprende
JNDI name : jdbc/dsEncuesta
Use this data source in container managed persistence (CMP) checked
Db2 Universal DataStore Helper Checked
Component-managed authentication alias : Aprende
Mapping-configuration alias DefaulPrincipalMapping
Container-managed authentication alias : Aprende

And them the configuration of the DataBase name, Server Name and port.

Thanks for all your help

Best Regards

Carlos Andres Jaramillo Abad