Apologies if the logic implied seems dumb.. i'm new to this.. i've
posted this in a few other places, so apologies if you've read this
one twice

I have an application that we currently hand over to a third party to
install on their environment, we have several non-default options
(i'll mention these later) and we're providing a step-by-step guide as
to how this app should be installed...but it invaribly ends with

It is my hope that I can script the entire process....But i'm quite
confused as to how to best achieve this, perhaps someone can give me

First step is to uninstall the previous app..
-Plenty of wsadmin scripts out there to let me do this...

Next step is to install the app...
-Plenty of scripts to install a simple app... BUT..
I need to set the class loader paths to PARENT_LAST in a couple of
I need to check the 'deploy web services' option
I need to specify a jndi name for a datasource
and lastly
I'd like to pre-compile the jsp's.

I'm aware of Enhanced EAR files, I know that I can set the classloader
paths inside the enhanced EAR... But What is the best way to do the

ideally i'd like to produce a script 'install_my_app.sh' which will
uninstall the old app and then put the new one in, sync the nodes

Is there anyone who can give me some advice or provide me with an
example of how to do this? I've seen example 'install scripts' which
dont go into this much detail, and i've seen very simple
deployment.xml's that set the classloader modes... But I'm not yet
100% on the xmi:id's.. is there a specific list of these?

I realise thats quite a few questions i've presented.. but thanks for
having a read.