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Beware of the Flip Proprietary software. I am not able to separate the Flip files into separate .AVI files that anyone can use and view. In other words, I am unable to edit the video unless I use their stuff. I consider myself a little beyond the average computer savvy person but this.........drives me crazy!
a fantastic "at-hand" video recorder. Makes shooting, editing and storage really simple. Easily imports to iphoto, imovie and its own software is quite useful also for non MAC users. Quality is excellent, though without a zoom function, physical movement in and out does destabilise the shots. For people with young kids, this product is a must to capture those everyday moments.
Advertised as providing ability to "edit" videos. The only editing it provides is the ability to add a title, credits and music to videos. But the kicker is, even that doesn't work. Their technical support group was unable to provide a solution.
In short, i purchased both this and the Vado HD. The Vado blows the Mino HD away in both picture and functionality. There is no comparison. I use the Vado every day now and the extra space as well as perfect picture (you can also change picture format unlike the Mino) is the best compared to all pocket HD camcorders.I sent the Mino back.....pick the Vado!
I received the MinoHD for Valentine's Day, 2009. By mid-April, the USB charger failed to work. We tried the recommended re-set, but the camera was still dead. We managed to reach someone in customer service, and were given a RMA number. It is now May 13, and we have yet to receive any word from the manufacturer. We did call last week, and were told that they "received it", and that it was "probably" being looked at. The company provides no communication as to the progress of the repair/replacement. We will call again this week. Very frustrating, and not worth the hassle. It was a good recorder while it lasted, but beware...if there is a problem, there is only a 90 day waranty. If a problem occurs during the 90 days, you can return it for repair, but don't expect to hear anything from the company, once they have it in their care.*5-19-09 Finally heard from the repair center. They said that a new one is scheduled to ship to me, but they are out of stock right now. No idea as to when they will be able to send one to me.
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Flip Tripod for Flip Ultra and Mino Camcorders:
Flip Soft Pouch for Flip Ultra and Mino Camcorders (Grey):
Flip Action Mount for Flip Ultra and Mino Camcorders:
Case Logic UP-2 Universal Pockets Medium (Blue):
Caselogic UP-2 Universal Pockets Medium (Black):


Flip Action Mount for Flip Ultra and Mino Camcorders:
Portabrace Waterproof/Crushproof Case with Custom Foam Insert for Flip Video Mino Series or new MinoHD Camcorders:
Lowepro Tasca 20 (Fern):
Lowepro Tasca 20 (Arctic Blue):
Lowepro Tasca 20 (Pink):