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Once it is in position, it can do some amazing drilling; getting it into an awkward position can be a challenge. It will turn as slow as 5 rpm with torque like no other for use with large hole saws. The feedback speed control is the best available. I've drilled 5 inch holes using a bimetal hole saw through half inch steel with the rig positioned vertically and the saw was still sharp after a dozen holes. I did use some coolant, but a hole saw hand held would be toast after a single hole. I once fixed stripped head bolt holes with helicoils in the block of an antique engine by aligning the drill with the block right side up and then turning the whole assembly upside down so chips wouldn't get into the cylinders. I used the drill to both drill and tap and the magnet held on the cast iron block without an additional plate; it worked so well I installed helicoils on all of the headbolt holes. Its only drawback is its size and wieght, but they are two of its main features.
This combination unit features the 4203 adjustable position, variable speed base and the 4297-1 1-1/4 in. drill motor. All you need is a bit and you are ready to drill into any ferrous material 1/2 in. and thicker.


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