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Agonized over whether to buy this tool, which would be an excellent deal, or the Mitutoyo (which we use at work). Took a chance. I was pleasantly suprised by the quality and reproducibility. Pulling from fully closed to fully open, resetting and pushing fully closed again gives identical values no problem. Haven't found any significant differences when measuring in comparison with Mitutoyo. Excellent deal.
Based on the previous good reviews, it sounds like I got a lemon. My set of calipers sometimes loses its mind. The digital readout will start incrementing even without sliding the caliper jaws. If I leave the calipers on my bench, I sometimes come back and find that the readout has climbed to a ridiculously high number like 90" (the calipers are obviously only 12" long).If I pull the calipers out quickly it will lose count along the way. Full travel of the calipers should be 12.065", but if I pull them open rapidly it only counts to 11" or so.For me, these were a waste of $40. I tried to cheap out since my work isn't typically critical to more than .010", but these are horrible. I bought a $125 economy set out of McMaster instead and they work great.
Nice item. The case is great for transporting. The extra battery is also helpful. Saves a future trip to the store. The 12" is a little big if you dont need the extra size go for the smaller 6" one. I do wish it also measured in fractions also. Yes I know you can convert but that would be helpful.
I needed something cheap for a few tasks. This exceeded those needs. It has recevied more use then expected and comes in a nice case. Switches between inch and millimeter with the touch of a button -- no need to remeasure.
When you require exact measuring, you reach for a caliper. But an accurate measurement is meaningless if you can't read it accurately. This caliper takes an essential tool into the 21st century with an extra-large LCD digital readout for exact internal and outside measurements accurate to .001". Instantly converts from SAE or Metric, the display can be zeroed at any point on the slide. Machine-grooved thumb-roll mechanism and position lock for sure adjustment. Hardened stainless steel shaft with depth-measurement probe, precision ground jaws. On-off switch with auto-off, two long-life batteries included (one extra).


Stainless Steel 6" Digital Caliper with Extra Large LCD Screen - Instant SAE-Metric Conversion:
STAINLESS STEEL 8" LARGE Display Digital Caliper - Instant SAE-Metric Conversion:
STAINLESS STEEL 6" LARGE Display Digital Caliper - Instant SAE/Metric Conversion:
Neiko Tools 12" Digital Caliper Measuring Tool:
6" Digital Caliper Stainless Steel LCD - Extra Large LCD Display:


NEW! 12" Digital Caliper Stainless Steel LCD Measuring Tool - with Fraction Display: