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Actually I needed a vacuum beater bar. A popup offered the beater bar w/belt for $1 more than the beater bar. So I ordered the combination beater bar with belt.A few days later the belt arrived (which I really didn't need!) but no beater bar. I contacted the shipper and they said the order had been split by Amazon, with the beater bar from one vendor and the belt from no great deal on the combo! A few days later, the other vendor replied that they didn't have the beater bar (which was what I originally needed in the first place)...out of stock. I finally went to a local vacuum center and bought the beater bar at twice the Amazon posted price, but they DID have it in stock.Thanks!
This is the second time I have ordered from this company recently. Each time the product arrives promptly and in good shape. I have a hard time finding bags and belts for my vacuum in my local area. The prices are comparable and I am extremely pleased. I will be ordering again in the future.
I have never had a vacuum belt break until I purchased my model vacuum and had to use this belt. The belts feel to rigid, that may be why they are breaking.
And then prepare to use your bowling words whilst attempting to install this belt. Installing this belt on a windtunnel upright vacuum is akin to forcing a 500-pound woman into a size two girdle. It can be done but it's going to take of effort and there's going to be some pain involved. Plus, there's the richocet effect. Heaven forbid if the new belt pops free while you're desperately trying to complete the installation, the force with which the rubber belt recoils could shatter glass, puncture plaster walls and/or shoot out someone's eye. I rated the belt at five stars, but I wish I could vote on the design (which is poor). It takes a few tools, lots of forearm muscles and the patience of Job to get this belt into place. Our vacuum went through a belt about once every two years. If you're not thoughtful and careful with the machine, you'll burn through many more belts than that. The belt is the sacrificial lamb in the whole affair and the belt will burn up before the motor.Good price, good belt and crummy design.
Genuine Hoover. Original Hoover Belt Part Number 38528-033 or 38528033. Fits Windtunnel Uprights models (except self -propelled), Bagless Widepath, Bagless Powermax and Bagless Tempo models.


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