Hi, we have recently installed TAM eBusiness v6.1 into our system along with WAS v6.1 to support Access Manager Web Portal Manager(WPM) and Web Administration Tool (LDAP GUI interface).
So we have enabled administrative and application security on WAS Admin Console (ISC) and also implemented SSO via webSeal junction using TAI++.
That is, we can now login to ISC via webSeal junction eg. https://webseal/ibm/console without authenticating again to ISC and also without (triple) logging onto WPM. SSO works! Hurray!

However now that we want to logout, we would like to redirect ISC logout to pkmslogout page ie. https://webseal/pkmslogout should be redirected or triggered when we logout out of ISC. So that the webseal and application session are both destroyed, otherwise logging out of ISC will not log us out of the webseal session, hence allowing us to refresh and log back into ISC directly without authenticating.

Anyway the question is how to redirect or change the logout of ISC to trigger pkmslogout page?
Can anyone help please? Thank you.