Hi all,

I am working on several JMS web services that run on WebSphere (MDB app using Spring configs, JAXB for message processing, Hibernate for DB access). The first time the service is accessed it takes a long time to process the initial messages (about 10 seconds) because I assume everything is initializing, but after that processing speed is very fast (much less than a second).

However, if no one accesses the service for several hours, it seems to "fall asleep". When the MDB picks up a message after a long period of inactivity, it once again takes about 10 seconds to process the first few messages. All the Spring beans are configured and loaded, so that does not seem to be the factor for this long time.

Has anyone run into this and found a way to fix the problem? Right now I've got a "ping" URL set up in the test interface which keeps most everything ready, so it minimizes some of the delay after a period of inactivity. Still, I'd like to find out the root cause of this issue, if possible.