2 of them are Websphere Application Server. For these 2 ones i have 2 vhosts sections for every server. one for port 80 and one for port 443.

Here the vhost configuration for serverapp1:


DocumentRoot "C:/Program Files/IBM/IBM HTTP Server/htdocs"
ProxyRequests Off
ProxyPass /wcs/ http://serverapp1/wcs/
ProxyPassReverse /wcs/ http://serverapp1/wcs/
ProxyPass /webapp/ http://serverapp1/webapp/
ProxyPassReverse /webapp/ http://serverapp1/webapp/
ProxyPass /wcsstore/ http://serverapp1/wcsstore/
ProxyPassReverse /wcsstore/ http://serverapp1/wcsstore/
ErrorLog logs/error.log
CustomLog logs/access.log combined

SSLClientAuth none
DocumentRoot "C:/Program Files/IBM/IBM HTTP Server/htdocs-ssl"
SSLV2Timeout 100
SSLV3Timeout 200
ProxyRequests Off
ProxyPass /wcs/ https://serverapp1/wcs/
ProxyPassReverse /wcs/ https://serverapp1/wcs/
ProxyPass /webapp/ https://serverapp1/webapp/
ProxyPassReverse /webapp/ https://serverapp1/webapp/
ProxyPass /wcsstore/ https://serverapp1/wcsstore/
ProxyPassReverse /wcsstore/ https://serverapp1/wcsstore/
ErrorLog logs/error.log
CustomLog logs/access.log combined


My problem is, after i try

i get the internal servername in the address:


For internal use it's no problem, because the internal server name is known. But from outside...

Any idea? In Version 1.3.8 everything works fine :-(

Thanks in advance,