Hi to everyone, I'm Alex from Milan.

I have a technical problem with the WS-Security and perhaps you can help me.
I would want to shortly submit you my problem.

I have a classical scenery with 3 actors:

- a sender that produces soap messages. These messages contain two sections
of data. The first section of data is encrypted with the public key of the
final recipient. The second section of data is signed with the private key of
the sender;

- an intermediary. It checks that the signature of the second section of data
is valid using the public key of the sender. Then the intermediary creates a
new soap message with only the first section of data and then it sends the new
messagge to the final destination. The intermediary simply passes the first
section of data from the sender to the final destination.

- a final recipient. It decode the original data produced by the sender with
its private key.

I would want to use X509 certificate (files .p12 and .cert) to guarantee
integrity and confidentiality.

If IBM WebSphere were the intermediary, would it be able to forward encrypted
data to the final destination? I would want to know if WebSphere support an end-
to-end security or only a point-to-point security.

Can you help me? Otherwise, can you tell me if exists an IBM WebSphere public

You can apologize my bad English, thanks, bye, Alex.