when i change my context to be:
{code}Object homeObject = initCtx.lookup("com.ibm.example.jms.MessageProducerHome"); {code}

I get the error:
{code}WSCL0014I: Invoking the Application Client class MessageProducerTest
Naming exception when looking up session bean Context: JMTBCORTS089433Node01Cell
/nodes/JMTBCORTS089433Node01/servers/server1, name: com.ibm.example.jms.MessageP
roducerHome: First component in name com.ibm.example.jms.MessageProducerHome not
found. {code}

Any ideas!
Just checked on the admin console my enterprise application on websphere and in my ejb jndi names the Target Resource JNDI name is MessageProducer, dont think that is correct is it?