Does anyone experienced RMI problems in websphere v6.1. I encountered
2 RMI errors in websphere v6.1 but it works in websphere v6.0. any
ideas? Please advice. thanks!!

1) When I launch the following command for the name server, I got

/opt/WebSphere/ws61/AppServer/java/bin/tnameserv -ORBInitialPort 15056

15:16:46.030 runPreInit:176
P=405797:O=0:CT ORBRas[default]
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: I (no security
manager: RMI class loader disabled)

2) When the client tries to establish the connection with the RMI
server, I got this error:

[10/16/08 19:32:43:961 PDT] 00000028 ORBRas E createServerSocket
WebContainer : 1 ORBX0390E: Cannot create listener thread.
UNABLE_TO_CREATE_SSL_SERVER_SOCKET Exception=java The socket name is already in use. vmcid:
0x49421000 minor code: 76 completed: No vmcid: 0x
49421000 minor code: 77 completed: No - received while attempting to
open server socket on port 9435 ].
[10/16/08 19:32:43:982 PDT] 00000028 ServiceLogger I open FFDC0009I: FFDC opened