Here is my problem,

We just finished to install and configure or first environment in order to run a migration from Portal 5.1 to Portal 6.1.

The 5.1 Portal was hosting a single Intranet website in the Root installation of the Portal (so, not in Virtual Portal).

With this 6.1 Environment, we managed to move this site into a newly created Virtual Portal. This worked fine until we transfered our URL Mappings into this Virtual Portal. In the past we had several problems with transfering URL Mappings through XMLAccess, so, we created all of them from scratch, manualy in the new VP.

Now, here is our problem :

In 6.1 you can now assign, in addition to the Unique URL identifier of the VP, a unique hostname which, basically, looks like Apache Virtual Host configuration. This is good, because you can now have a Virtual Portal identified by its hostname with a URI like /wps/myportal instead of /wps/myportal/myvirtualportal .

The problem is, URL Mappings created under this virtual portal are not working if you try to access them with the unique Virtual Portal hostname.

So, for example, my WebSphere Portal is installed on the server with an Apache server in front.

In older versions, I would have access to my VP named myvirtualportal using this URL :, and all URL Mappings would be accessed using this kind of URL :, and it would have work and it also works this way in 6.1.

But if I configure my VP with the unique Hostname and try to access my URL mapping using the URL :, it doesn't work.

And I need this functionality working and it is wired that IBM implement this new function but URL mappings are not working with it ...