We are experiencing a strange issue in which portlets disappear from our portlet palette. The sequence of events that causes the problem are as follows:

As wpsadmin user we drag a portlet we use for polls from the palette to a page. All is well until we delete the portlet from the page by clicking the trash icon. Afterwards, that particular portlet will never appear in the palette list again until we actually redeploy the portlet through the admin console. A few key points:

-This happens with other portlets as well, not just this particular Polls portlet.

-We are currently using Portal version (WCM version

-This problem didn't seem to manifest itself when we were using Portal version (Rollback is not an option)

-I have not seen any mention of this issue being fixed in any of the latest fixpacks

-We do not override doDelete() to perform and special actions upon delete.

I wish I could provide more info... From my research it does not seem that anyone else has come across this problem. Any input would be appreciated.