We have created our custom theme by customizing the IBM theme of WPS 6. Hence, we have stuck to most of the styles_xyz.jspf files as it is.

We have custom CSS classes added to the styles_portlet.jspf and we have implemented stuff like a. :hover, a. :visited for the custom classes.

However, this is working inconsistently when applied in JSP files in the portlets. It sometime gives underline on Mouse Hover and sometimes not and the behaviour is inconsistent.

It is observed that when the we have applied these classes to links which trigers Javascript (for links to open) gets underlined for first time. Meaning, if once clicked, the links will not get underlined on MouseHover.

Do we miss something here to get it working consistently? We have implemented to give underline for text for a. :hover and no underline for a.:visited.

Any clues as to any Javascript from IBM theme could be over-riding the behaviour?