Hi All,

We have the scenario where we have to configure the visibility rule based on some extra attributes ex. Job Function or Dept name which is not a part of the User profile which we get from LDAP. so how can we configure this visibility rules.

This data is available in the database.

When we log in to the admin console to configure the visibility rules when we select 'Portal Users' we get different LDAP attributes like first name, last name and UID .. We have the UID coming from our LDAP and this UID is mapped to the database where we have this extra information about user. like Job function etc. In our case its not possible to change LDAP to have these extra attributes so can somme one let us know how we can configure the visibiity rule saying if user is from this job function

How do we get this job function or extra attributes on the left hand side configuration window where we have (Portal users, browser)

We need urgent help so can some onease please help on this