Hi all,

I am trying to enable the custom plugin for the password encryption in
the properties file used by WebSphere. So far I am unable to make it
using the custom plugin created. Tried to find information on the web
but so far nothing much found. Can someone help give me some pointer
or maybe even the step-by-step that works?

Steps that I did:
1. Create the custom plugin classes
2. Create a jar file and edit the startserver.bat to include the
WAS_PATH (and the CLASSPATH) to the jar file containing the custom
plugin classes.
3. Edit server.xml to includes:
verboseModeClass="false" ....
genericJvmArguments="-Xquickstart -
Dcom.ibm.wsspi.security.crypto.customPasswordEncry ptionEnabled=true -
Dcom.ibm.wsspi.security.crypto.customPasswordEncry ptionClass=com.ibm.wsspi.security.crypto.CustomPas swordEncryptionImpl"

4. Restart the server

However after those steps, the password still in the encoded mode.
I was following the steps from the following link:

I tried to run the PropFilePasswordEncoder.bat but it failed with
syntax error message. Do I need to run this? also what modification
do i need?

FYI, I am running the trial version of WebSphere App Server 6.1 on
Windows XP.

Thanks again for the help.