We have a Weblogic with MDBs, which are receiving messages from a MQ topic.

I have the following questions:

1. how can i find out about the version of our com.ibm.qm.jar?

2. are there newer versions? Where can they be downloaded? I didn't find any URL on this site here.

3. We have a lot of threads waiting for asyncDelivery threads (there are two of them - we are also listening to two MQs). I don't know why the threads are waiting for them (most of the times, when we have a problem, there are more threads waiting for the asyncDelivery threads than in the attaced threaddump example). Is there a timeout parameter, that the asyncDelivery thready are not blocked that long? (to me it seems, that they are blocked for minutes, because i can create several threaddumps and nothing changes)

Thanks in advance and kind regards, Volker