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This is a discussion on Websphere AND CSS?!! - Websphere ; I am mainly a front end designer, and with "some" (not great) CSS experience, I was just given a huge project with a pretty tight deadline. I would like to oeverall understand what is the main issue with CSS and ...

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Thread: Websphere AND CSS?!!

  1. Websphere AND CSS?!!

    I am mainly a front end designer, and with "some" (not great) CSS experience, I was just given a huge project with a pretty tight deadline. I would like to oeverall understand what is the main issue with CSS and Websphere implementation.

    I am given these CSS code to go through and "CLEAN UP" OR "REMOVE" as needed so it will work with the Webshpere themes. And it will look as they want it to look.

    What am I looking for here?

    As I understand Webshpere has its own set of CSS and that makes it a problem.

    Do I have to rename tags?

    Also I as told mainly to look for alignment and positioning issues....


  2. Re: Websphere AND CSS?!!


    We have just completed a project integrating EpiServer with WP. That put the demand that we wanted the same look in both environments. We had a web designer making the stand alone css that we then integrated in WP. We created our own themes based on the IBM theme. The stand alone css was included in a new jspf file that was added to styles.jsp. There are a couple of things to consider. The styles in the stand alone css should not have names conflicting with those in the original styles in the theme. This is easily solved by adding a prefix to the styles in the stand alone part of the theme.

    Some additional adjustments are probably needed, and some modifications to style_ibm.jspf file was required in our project. To look at the pages in firebug for both the stand alone application and WP helps a lot when fixing the remaining differences, because it shows the origin of the different styles.

    Don't forget to enable automatic reload of themes in your environment, because there will be a lot minor changes in the theme. We made an ANT script deploying the theme in development. To make the reload work the main jsp pages must be changed to allow reload of changes in the jspf.

  3. Re: Websphere AND CSS?!!

    You have not idea, how much that clears things out for me. Now a very dumb question, i guess, but what am i looking for, as far as to begin with. How am i supposed to know that the CSS will conflict with the WEbsphere themes?

    is it that obvious? what am i looking trough? should i look at my CSS and the theme code side by side, and edit?

  4. Re: Websphere AND CSS?!!

    We added a prefix to all our styles to avoid this. They all got names like Company_page. We did not spend time on finding out which styles were conflicting, as there are a lot of styles to go through. Simple names like img, page etc have a large potential of beeing conflicts.

  5. Re: Websphere AND CSS?!!

    So you are saying, that once I do that, and we combine with the Websphere themes, it will take on my CSS styles first and then apply the rest of the look as the theme requires??

    I hope I am not getting confused, like I said before I was given the CSS to go through and find a solution as to what get rid of that clashed with the Websphere theme or come up with a solution (which the prefix seems to do) that will get rid of that problem but we can still implement the themes and use this CSS as a stand alone.

    The themes will not be a problem and still work this way?

    thank you for all this help.

    I am attaching my file, this is what I was given, how can i look at it and say what is wrong??

  6. Re: Websphere AND CSS?!!

    You will get problems with tags like body, html, br, h1, h2 etc

    It would be preferable not to use these types of tags in you layout. If it its not possible update styles_themes.jspf (It may be another styles_...jspf file) that has these styles to correspond to the styles you have. If you must use the names in this file you have to search in all styles...jspf files to find where these styles are defined and change in this file or remove the entry if you whant to keep everything in a separate file. This may cause problems when in comes to portal layout so the best would be if those making the design could do so without using general html names.

  7. Re: Websphere AND CSS?!!

    Another resource worth mentioning:


    CSS files (stylesheets) are rendered on the fly, so to speak. That is
    to say that there is no one file you edit in order to modify your CSS
    file. Instead, there are many and you can find them on your portal
    server here:


    The IBM theme is in the IBM folder. Copy everything in that folder to
    your own theme before beginning your modifications. I did a complete
    overhaul of the theme for a customer last year. It is not a trivial
    matter. Also, I found Rational Application Developer (RAD) v6 to be
    very helpful while I was developing the theme. Lastly, once you are
    done developing your theme on your development server you will need to
    redeploy the WPS.EAR. Your portal administrator can help with that.


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