I have a cluster with 2 nodes with servers. What I need to do is to
stop second node to process any messages. Basically, i wanted only 1
instance of MDB at cluster level.

I have changed the "maxConcurrency" to 1, so that there is only one
end point to handle messages. And that works for that node. But the
real is issue is that some other software comp (written by someone
else) cannot handle concurrent
requests. Having both nodes handling 2 different messages same time
the third party component getting into problems.

I can't stop node 2 as well because there are other application
running currently needs cluster and load balancing.

Just wonder what is the scope of MDB's deployed into a cluster with 1
end point defined. The current behavior is that 2 different messages
are being processed by each node same time, which is not what I

Any thoughts or help - this is a queue we are talking about not topic.

In simple terms - stop node 2 or may 1 to process any messages. Allow
only one message to be handled across the cluster at any point of
time. So how to configure only 1 MDB across the cluster ?

Arun nair