what API should I use to retrieve an entry person when WAS is configured with federated repository with a lookaside DB ?

My application runs both on Websphere Portal Server 6.1 (portlets) and Websphere Process Server 6.1 (business processes).

Both applications servers must be configured with security enabled (LDAP registry as user account repository).

Since my application need to use extra information for a certain user and I can't modify the standard LDAP schema, I'm looking at the federated repository configuration with a property extension repository. In this way I can add all extra necessary attributes within the property extension repository (DB).

http://publi b.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/wasinfo/v6r1/index.jsp?topic=/com.ibm.websphere.exp ress.doc/info/exp/ae/twim_propertyextrepos.html

As stated on infocenter, using this configuration, the application is able to read all data related to a certain user coming from all configured sources :

When an application uses the federated repository configuration to retrieve an entry for a person, the federated repository configuration transparently joins the properties of the person that is retrieved from either the LDAP or the customer’s database with the properties of the person that is retrieved from the property extension repository into a single logical person entry.

I know how to leverage the Virtual Member Manager functionalities on Portal side using the PUMA service (PumaLocator, PumaProfile) but I have not found what API should I use on Process Server side!

How can I access programmatically to the user information from a Java implementation component within Process Server without having any explicit reference to the underlying configured user repository ?

Renato Del Gaudio