I just installed my UpdateInstaller to install fixpaks for WS 6.1

The version of the update installer is:

I downloaded the correct fix pack and ready to install. I place the
fix pack file in the correct location.

Using the update installer wizard it asks for the directory path of
the maintenance package file. I browse to it and click next. The
response back is that

"The update option is not permitted on D:\IBM\WebSphere\UpdateInstaller
\maintenance. There is no valid maintenance pack found in specified

The file is sitting right there in the D:\IBM\WebSphere\UpdateInstaller
\maintenance folder. It's extension is .pak.

Help... what am I doing wrong here.
The file name is:6.1.0-WS-WAS-WinX32-FP0000017.pak

We are on a 32-bit windows box.

Thanks in advance,