I have created some Jython scripts to configure my monitoring my App Servers within my WAS 6.1 ND environment with PMI (Performance Monitoring Infrastructure) settings, so i have the statistice ID's of the counters for the modules and their respective sub-modules specified (i.e the PMI statisctic Config info.)in the scripts and they are applied to the servers and saved to the master repository, this works fine and all the specified required modules are enabled (or Disabled depending on what was hard-coded in my Jython scrpits).

The problem i'm having is to create another working script to either start or stop the logging and monitoring, on attempting to get the TivoliPerfEngine MBean for the server with the below AdminControl command below :

AdminControl.completeObjectName('WebSphere:*,type= TivoliPerfEngine,process=serv er1')

a blank string is generated/returned, as a result my script crashes, apparently this definetely is the command to use in getting this MBean info which is what is needed when either starting or stopping the PMI monitoring or logging as suggested by IBM and another site (see below):

http://the-music-of-time.blogspot.co...jython-to-star t-and-stop-tpv.html

Could anyone please tell me what i'm doing wrong, as in why a blank string for this MBean is returned and what to do to get around it ?.

NB: and YES my App Server (server1) is started, by the way.