I have developed the Email portlet and datas are returned from webservices

In my .java file, I have the variable messageo[1] which returns the email title and title may be in English or Arabic.

When variable has English message then it works fine for me but when variable has Arabic message it displays title like ??????? and I tested like s.o.println() also it's displaying like only ??????? in console.

If I test the Webservices(.wsdl file) then it's displays Arabic message, I think problem with my .java file because it's not reading Arabic message in .java file.

I tested the code like below but it's not working in both case.

In java

String value = new String(*messageo[1]*.getBytes("ISO-8859-1"), "UTF-8");


String value = new String(*messageo[1]*.getBytes(), "UTF-8");


Pls advise me,