We are facing a problem while trying to programatically logout the current user and login as another user using ThemeUrlHelper class's generateLogoutUrl method.

Already there exists a thread in which Mr.Jim Barnes gave suggestions to use the ThemeUrlHelper Class.

http://www-128.ibm.com/developerwork...a?threadID=201 786&tstart=15

Mentioned below are last few posts posted there,

By User :

i.e, I have logged in as UserA. Executing the code and wanted to logout UserA and login as UserB(which is another user).

By Jim:

the first thing that comes to mind is that maybe the wasrequrl cookie is still present

By User

Oh.. If so, Is there a way to destroy/remove that cookie?

By Jim :

I am not positive I would check on the was forums

Hence I am posting here. Any suggestions? It would be very helpful if we get a solution on this.

Thanks in advance,