I posted this last week at the WCM forum:


and usual response - lots of views and 0 replies, so I will ask here in hopes that some kind soul might can give insight. Apologies for posting also in this forum, but I've gotten some excellent answers here to WPS questions.

Within WCM, can portions of links be variablized? i.e. place a WCM portlet on a page that is to have a list of external links. I need to variablize part of the URLs, as in:

http://myTestSite/Sales/ default.asp

http://myProdSite/Sales/ default.asp

so that the part between the '' can be some sort of configuration variable/parameter easily changable.

We do this sort of stuff on IIS using the web.config file and other things to make moving between test and production pretty painless. We need to be able to do the same sort of thing with WPS and WCM.

Any thoughts most appreciated!