I am having a problem creating a profile for WebSphere 6.1 on Windows XP platform.

It reports the following error in the <profile-name>_create.log file:

Caused by: C:\WAS61\testl\profileTemplates\default\actions\bo otStrapWCCMFiles.ant:234: IOException in C:\WAS61\testl\profiles\sa\bin\setupCmdLine.bat - java.io.FileNotFoundException:C:\WAS61\testl\profi les\sa\bin\setupCmdLine.bat (Access is denied.)

It seems like setupCmdLine.bat file that gets created during profile creation does not have proper permissions. I tried to run "attrib -r /S *" on the parent directory before running the profile creation command, but it does not help.

I have gone through "WebSphere Application Server installation problem determination" document from IBM, and many other documents, but have not found a way to resolve the problem. Can someone suggest a remedy?



Nana Fadnis