We have an web app that have a form post with file upload and enctype=multipart/form-data.

We can run it on my local environment using WSAD 5.1 and using SSL set inside websphere. However, after we have deployed the application to our client (with SSL set in WAS 5.1.1 also), there was error during form post. But without SSL, the form post was successful. To summarize

Local env (WSAD 5.1) + no ssl : success

Local env (WSAD 5.1) : success

client env (WAS 5.1.1) + no ssl : success

client env (WSAD 5.1.1) + ssl : fail

The browser just display a general: "The page cannot be displayed". There is no log found inside SystemOut.log while I have some debug statement written at the beginning of the code. I guess the server even have not received the request yet or blocked during ssl layer in the web container.

When I remove the file upload input and enctype=multipart/form-data, log was shown and proved the server can receive the request.

Does anyone have success on doing file upload in form post on WAS 5.1.1? If so, please share. Thanks.