I am migrating our Portal and Web Content Management from Portal version 5.1 to 6.0. I have our content migrated to the new server and I have Remote Rendering Portlets displaying that content on my Portal Server. Its working exactly as it did before on 5.1 expect for Image Resources. The URL’s created for them come through as /myconnect instead of /resources. When I log in everything is fine but if I log out and the images break. When I try to log back in I get even stranger behavior with just the Images being shown.

Here is the URL that WCM creates for Image Resources in our 5.1 environment.


And here is the URL that WCM creates for the same Image Resource in our 6.0 environments.


I am not sure why WCM is cutting off the resources/image/ portion of the URL. Can anyone tell me what is going on or point me to documentation that can explain it? I have looked but I am comming up short.