I had a scenario like when i called the portlet page on webshere portal 6.0

i should be able to read the url and i need the parse the url and in

the url i need to read the value and send that value to managed bean

and retreave the value from backend and should be displayed on that page

when it loaded.I created a portlet project and created a portlet page and

deployed in websphere portal server 6.0. When i called that portlet i should

be able to read the url and parse that url to get "ID" value. And pass that

Id to Managed bean method and from there it should hit to back end i will take

care. Below is the sample url.

Example url : https://dfff:10031/wps/myportal/Test1?"ID=1234567&tranid=27478@28-Feb-200814:06:40"

In the above url i need to get the "ID=1234567" value and i should pass that value to managed bean

and from there i will take care.But the above should be happen when the page is loaded in the

portal servel. Please any one help me i need it urgently. Thank you in advance.

Have a Good Day