I installed mqseries , put on the latest fix pack and created a qmgr:

crtmqm TEST

try to bring it up:

strmqm TEST

gettting the following error in /var/mqm/TEST/qmgrs/errors:

01/15/08 03:49:52 PM
AMQ9542: Queue manager is ending.

The program will end because the queue manager is quiescing.
----- amqrimna.c : 773 --------------------------------------------------------
01/15/08 03:49:52 PM
AMQ9510: Messages cannot be retrieved from a queue.

The attempt to get messages from queue 'SYSTEM.CLUSTER.REPOSITORY.QUEUE' on
queue manager 'TEST' failed with reason code 2009.
If the reason code indicates a conversion problem, for example
MQRC_SOURCE_CCSID_ERROR, remove the message(s) from the queue. Otherwise,
ensure that the required queue is available and operational.
----- amqrfica.c : 404 --------------------------------------------------------
01/15/08 03:49:52 PM
AMQ9409: Repository manager ended abnormally.

The repository manager ended abnormally.
Look at previous error messages for the repository manager in the error files
to determine the cause of the failure.
----- amqrrmfa.c : 3940 -------------------------------------------------------
01/15/08 03:50:01 PM
AMQ8004: WebSphere MQ queue manager 'TEST' ended.

The qmgr comes up and then comes right back down

First of all - is there a way to remove anything off of this queue that may be stuck (without bringing up the qmgr)

Is there any othe cause of this? Thanks