Please tell me that I'm just missing something. After several weeks of
searching, I am finding it difficult to believe that there is no way
to set or read global variables in a macro without using extract and
prompt. This seems like such a basic concept. What if I want to set a
global variable to something other than what you'd find on a host
screen? I have data that was calculated *using* host screen
information but I can't "extract" it from anywhere. The HATS macro
documentation says:

You can set the value of a global variable in these ways:
With a Set global variable or Extract global variable as an action on
a screen customization or other event
By prompting the user for a value in a transformation JSP
By prompting the user for a value while running a macro
By setting a value in the macro source code
By setting the value in a business logic program.

But it seems that the fourth option is non-existant. Is there some way
to use in a macro to set a global variable?

Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you!

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