Hi to all,

does anyone know the best way to establish a dialup network connection
from within a java-application / j9 on pocket pc?

The only way I can see now, is to develop a dll-file (C++) which
establishes the connection and then to use it with JNI.

Unfortunately, Microsoft changed something between Pocket PC 2002 and
2003. Under 2002 a standard RAS-Connection could be used. But with 2003,
you have to use the connection manager and all the developed code is

I need a dialup network connection to connect to a corporate network.
After the connection is established, I use socket connection (which is
already programmed and running fine) to connect to a ftp server and
transfer data.

My questions:

1. Is there a java way, to establish such a connection?
2. If not, does anyone know a tutorial or sample, how to use the
connection manager with C++? (I'm an absolut beginner of C++ and I don't
want to become an expert)

My environment:
J9 on Pocket PC 2003
HP IPaq 47xx
Bluetooth Access Point (AVM)

Many Thanks
- Torsten Hoyer-