The expected result:

Using WSDD 5.7.1, I did a "Device Developer Build" for generic platform
( outputting a jar file), the option file specified two -includeResource
like this:

-includeResource "my-ca-cert.der"
-includeResource ""

The resulting jar file did include both files at top level as specified.
In my project, I use
to read the included resource files. If I deploy the jar file, the code
works just fine.

Now here comes the problem:

when I did another build but this time for winx86 ( outputting a jxe
file), the jxe file viewer from WSDD IDE shows me that

1) my-ca-cert.der is OK
2) becomes
" as"

It seems jxelink might have an issue with a file name that contains more
than one dot. Well, as long as I can read the resource file back from
the deployed jxe, it's all good. Unfortunately, my code does not work
any more with the resulting jxe file.

First problem:
returns null.

So I "played" along with the jxe file by changing the code to
ClassLoader.getSystemResourceAsStream(""); This
time the input stream is not null. But still the content is empty.

I also tried a different approach by zipping up my resource files in a
separate zip file first and specified this zip file in the input section
of the jxeLinkOptions UI. Still I am getting the same result: becomes
" as"