I am using the option to connect into the SMF console on another port, so
that I can telnet into the console to start / stop / install / uninstall
bundles. I think this is a great feature, very handy if you have SMF
starting up on an embedded box.

For those who have not used it, you can change
-console:2424 (or whatever)

to have the console listen to a specific port. The you can telnet in, and
do all of the normal console commands.

But, there's just one thing missing from this implementation -- the ability
to route OSGi log events to the remote console. I have been looking around
for it, but I can not seem to find anyway to attach to or route messages out
of the remotely connected console. This would be great for remote
debugging, just to see the OSGi log events being published there.

Is there a way to do this?