as say in subject, i try to profile a portlet on my local server.
I've read many articles and the RAD6's help, i've followed instructions but no data are collected by agent.

Here what I do :

- activate Profiling and Logging on the preferences
- on web perspective, profile on server my portlet
- my Test server starting...
- on the popup, I select java profiling agent
- on profiling perspective, start monitoring the agent
- on web perspective, i play with my portlet
- on profiling perspective, i pause monitoring
- I display stats

---> no data to display

I also tested to attach my portlet with "attach - java processus" configuration on the "Create, manage, and run configurations" dialog box. But i've same result.

If someone see what is wrong in my steps
or have a good tutorial to profile portlet on local server ...

thank you by advance.

fabrice Chapuis.