After some major searching on the www and inside RAD 6 help, I think I
found, the solution on how to upgrade the test environment v6 and v5.1 in
RAD 6 which is installed on my windows 2000 machine.
I downloaded the newest was 6 update installer located at:

Unziped the file to base_v6
Then from dos command prompt run the .exe file,
hit next until the maintance package to install popup shows. I get a error
telling me that there is no package to install, which means that this is the
place i should download the fix?

Have anyone done this before, on RAD6, and what fix should I install ? Any
direct link or name of the fix would be great.

I must say, the way to do this should be more userfriendly. Not only how to
do this, but also where to find the documentation.
I have downloaded about 3 GB of fix for RAD 6 which is done many different
ways, depending on if it is the update manager, test environment or Rad
itself that need a fix.