I exported an application to an 'Application Client Jar File' using WDSCi
A javaclass executes a command wich runs an iSeries application using PCML.
==> pcml = new ProgramCallDocument(as400System, "resources/ARHOLMEC.pcml");

This application works fine when executed inside WDSCi.
For some reason the 'pcml' file is not found when application is executed
from command line:

D:\ClipperJavaApps>java -jar MyHolidays.jar
==> Retrieving Employee record.
==> Exception in thread "main" java.util.MissingResourceException: PCML
document sou
==> rce 'resources/ARHOLMEC.pcml' cannot be found.
==> at
com.ibm.as400.data.SystemResourceFinder.getPCMLDoc ument(SystemResourc
==> eFinder.java:196)
==> at
==> at
com.ibm.as400.data.ProgramCallDocument.loadSourceP cmlDocument(Program
==> CallDocument.java:1076)
==> at
com.ibm.as400.data.ProgramCallDocument.loadPcmlDoc ument(ProgramCallDo
==> cument.java:979)
==> at
==> a:127)
==> at myHolidays.HolidayMenu.createView(HolidayMenu.java :172)
==> at myHolidays.HolidayMenu.(HolidayMenu.java:108)
==> at myHolidays.HolidayMenu.main(HolidayMenu.java:164)

The JAR-file contains this file in correct folder.