Hi all

Using WAS6.0.1.1 with RAD6 a winXP

I have a two phases commit transactions problem when a stateless bean (BeanA) want to send a JMS message to a MDB (BeanB) in the same EAR but in a distinct EJB project.

The BeanA calls and creates some CMP Beans, and after this process, send a Message to BeanB, which also does some database work

The DB is BD2 and the driver loaded is IBM DB2 JDBC Universal Driver Architecture (XA), driver type 2. The message goes to a queue defined in the Default Messaging JMS provider for WAS6.

The error code is next:

[4/01/06 11:41:32:092 CET] 00000044 InternalGener I DSRA8203I: Database Product Name: DB2/NT
[4/01/06 11:41:32:133 CET] 00000044 InternalGener I DSRA8204I: Database Product Version: SQL08013
[4/01/06 11:41:32:143 CET] 00000044 InternalGener I DSRA8205I: JDBC Driver Name: IBM DB2 JDBC Universal Driver Architecture
[4/01/06 11:41:32:153 CET] 00000044 InternalGener I DSRA8206I: JDBC Driver version: 1.3.70
[4/01/06 11:41:32:163 CET] 00000044 WSRdbDataSour I DSRA8208I: JDBC Driver Type: 2
[4/01/06 11:41:45:111 CET] 00000044 RegisteredRes E WTRN0063E: An illegal attempt to enlist a one phase capable resource with existing two phase capable resources has occurred" when attempting to execute a transaction.
[4/01/06 11:41:45:171 CET] 00000044 RegisteredRes E WTRN0086I: XAException encountered during prepare phase for transaction 000001089501AB1A0000000100000055B5B5A9F2757D78C954 B8F40D3C1CC04652A3B91B000001089501AB1A000000010000 0055B5B5A9F2757D78C954B8F40D3C1CC04652A3B91B000000 01. A continuación encontrará los recursos locales.
[4/01/06 11:41:45:171 CET] 00000044 RegisteredRes E WTRN0089I: XATransactionWrapper@ 6aab14db XAResource: com.ibm.ws.sib.api.jmsra.impl.JmsJcaRecoverableSiX aResource@524594db enlisted: true mcWrapper.hashCode()775001307: Voto: commit.
[4/01/06 11:41:45:181 CET] 00000044 RegisteredRes E WTRN0089I: LocalTransactionWrapper@:1099d4d4 localTransaction:com.ibm.ws.rsadapter.spi.WSRdbSpi LocalTransactionImpl@109e54d4 enlisted:true registeredForSynctruemcWrapper.hashcode()493802708 : Voto: none.

Yesterday it works, but due to a RAD crash, I have to create a new workbench, import from the filesystem and deploy/publish again.

I execute server with the resources in the server rather than inside the workbench (I have defined the DB driver/type and the JNDI binding inside the server config, and my EAR don?t have any configuration for the server)

Any Ideas?

Thanks in Advance, and sorry for my english.