i'm using WSAD 5.1.2, fixpack 6, on Windows XP, to attempt running my
build file both within the gui and in "headless" mode. It runs in the
gui fine, but when running headless, the task cannot locate
RMIC. The task validates the EJB project and generates the deploy code,
but then fails.

The headless build is using the same project directories as the gui
build, importing the projects that reside in a ClearCase view into a
headless workspace. i'm using the jdk in
/runtimes/base_v51/java, with compiler compliance set
to JDK 1.3.

The problem occurs whether or not i have the VM arg = -Xj9 in

Any input is most appreciated!

Here's the Ant output with a partial stack trace:

[ejbDeploy] EJBDeploy: Project AID_1_3_EJB (Done)
[ejbDeploy] com.ibm.etools.rmic.RMICException: Cannot run RMIC because
it is not installed. Expected location of RMIC is the following:
[ejbDeploy] at
com.ibm.etools.rmic.RMICClassLoader.runCompile(RMI CClassLoader.java:303)
[ejbDeploy] at
com.ibm.etools.rmic.RMICOperation.invokeRMICInJVM( RMICOperation.java:598)
[ejbDeploy] at
com.ibm.etools.rmic.RMICOperation.rmic(RMICOperati on.java:700)
[ejbDeploy] at
com.ibm.etools.rmic.RMICOperation.generateStubs(RM ICOperation.java:221)
[ejbDeploy] at
com.ibm.etools.rmic.RMICOperation.run(RMICOperatio n.java:763)
[ejbDeploy] at
com.ibm.etools.rmic.RMICOperation.doit(RMICOperati on.java:119)