We have written a Struts framework for use by our web based
applications. This framework provides database access, MQ Series
access, logging services, etc, to all web applications. The Controller
Servlet's init() reads a set of configuration and property files for
each application that uses the framework.

The location of the configuration and property files and three Jar
files are provided to the application via the WSAD Server Configuration
in v5 WebSphere Test Environment (WTE). This information is provided
via Shared Libraries on a deployed 5.1 application server.

In the RAD 6.0 WTE, the EAR deployment descriptor has a Deployment Tab
where I am providing that same information. The Jar files,
configuration, and property files are located on the filesystem. This
arrangement mimics our production servers.

Currently, we are running WebSphere v5.1. I am looking at the
eventuality of running on WebSphere v6.0. When running the application
in RAD v6.0 WTE, it fails to locate the configuration files.

To my knowledge, I am suppling the correct locations via the EAR
deployment descriptor.

Has any one seen this problem? If you have not seen it because you
done read configuration files, perhaps, then you have seen it when
providing certain runtime Jars to the running Server Instance.

Please reply if you know what may be wrong and can provide an alternate