As a Websphere customer, I am disappointed with the tight coupling of WAS and WSAD. I have spent countless hours trying to build and deploy a vendor's application (customized for us) in WAS 5 without WSAD. My requirements to build and deploy are:

1. Utilize Ant to support build and deployment process
2. App Server vendor will provide Ant integration jars which completely contain funcationality needed to build/deploy EJBs/EARs and WARs. External dependencies (such as WAS_HOME directory) should not be required.

If WAS could meet these requirements, I would would be a very satisfied customer. I appriciate All of Barry's work. With more IBM management support, he might be able to satisfy my requirements.

It seems that I may need to spend more time investigating the use of an alternative Application Server such as JBOSS. I hope that IBM can help me solve my problems soon.