I have a schema that I want to generate a CMP entities for it, the problem in the schema that I must follow some naming convention in naming the tables, something like any table must begin with "TBL_APP_tablenamegoeshere"

So my problem is:
1- I want WSAD to drop the prefix "TBL_APP_" from all CMP class names when generating the code.
2- Also if the table name after this prefix contains underscores -as most table names do- to delete it from class names.

i.e. : if I have a table named "TBL_APP_HISTORY_CATEGORY", I want my CMP to be named HistoryCategory and all the related classes to use this naming convention.

plz if the above featuire is not found in WSAD 5.1, is there a way to rename a CMP entity so that I can do it and WSAD resolve the rest of the problems?